The Haunted Valley
ISBN 1-4120-2019-0
Written by Arnold Rust and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Trafford Publishers (Canada) [2004]

John Hunter, aged seven, and his little sister Bonnie live on a beautiful farm situated in a long fertile valley surrounded by mountains. The valley is called the "Lazy River Valley" but is haunted by a witch as we soon see. One night Bonnie is captured by an ugly old witch who flies off with her. John enlists the help of their Palomino horse called Figo. He discovers that Figo not only can speak, but can fly as well, a secret only children can share. To free Bonny, John and the big, big palomino fly off to the witch’s den high up in the mountains. With the witch in hot pursuit, they manage to save Bonny and take her home. In the second episode the witch poses as a big green frog and captures both children when they venture too close. She drags them off to the "Dark Forest" where we meet her henchmen "The Devil's Knuckles" who are sent off to guard the children while she sleeps the day away-always waiting for darkness to do her ugly deeds. Once again, Figo comes to their aid and they manage to escape.

Format (soft cover): 255mm x 205mm; 22 pages; Readership: Age:8-13
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