San Tales from Africa
ISBN 9781-77007-226-8
Written by Raffaelle Delle Donne and Illustrations by Marjorie van Heerden
Struik Publishers (SA) [Jan 2007]

San Tales From Africa presents a variety of tales from the folklore of the San people. Although the author has drawn on traditional San tales, the main plots of the stories and most of the characters are original. Just over half the tales feature Kaggen, a little mantis who has the ability to change his appearance. He dominates the majority of the stories as he begins his quest to find the All-Devourer who has all but destroyed the world as the “First People” know it. The first people are animals and fantastic characters that talk and wear clothes.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 112 pages; Readership: Older children

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