Goblin Diaries: Apprenticed to the Red Witch

Author:Alex D’Angelo
Illustrator: Marjorie Van Heerden
Tafelberg (Pty) Ltd
ISBN: 9780624052890
Price (incl. VAT): R 105.00
Format: Soft cover, 128pp, colour cover and b/w illustrations inside
Young Adult Fiction

A diary of 11-year old Ymaldris, youngest of three Goblin brothers. Great Uncle Silvestris, who is the Dark Lord’s top Goblin sorcerer, says young Ymaldris has what it takes to become one too, so Ymaldris is sent to the Red Witch as an apprentice.
“But the Dark Lord’s laws are clear on this one: an apprentice is his Master’s property for seven years or unless you get chucked out as useless. And nobody will take you on after that.”

AWARD: The 2012  M.E.R. Prize (one of the Media24 Books Literary Awards) for best illustrated children’s book (South Africa)

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