Ears Hear 耳朵 聽見 
Written by Kathleen Ahrens and Chu-Ren Huang
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
published in 2012
The story in this book was written to engage all the senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. It was also written to capture the joy human beings feel when they spend time in fresh air and sunshine, admiring the animals and insects that share the world with us. Lastly, this book celebrates the love shared between a father and his child. 

Numbers Do  數數

Written by Kathleen Ahrens and Chu-Ren Huang (In English & Chinese)
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Sun Ya Publishers (Hong Kong)
published in 2012

This story is about the power of a young child's imagination to create a world that is both safe and exciting. Written as both a counting book and a classic bedtime story, in it the young child leads her elder sister on an adventure that ends in the sweet realm of dreamland.

This book was written in short simple sentences so that it could be read aloud over and over again. Reading the same text aloud repeatedly helps a child implicitly become familiar with a language's structure. In addition, the warmth and safety that comes from reading and re-reading a story strengthens the caring bond between the person reading aloud and the child being read to. Both the English and Chinese versions introduce the most basic sentence patterns and also allow the child to practice counting from 1 to 10. The Chinese version also introduces the use of classifiers.

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Numbers Do
Ears Hear

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Numbers Do
Ears Hear

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SAM, ’n Ware verhaal van ’n dogtertjie en haar olifant
By Ingrid Vander Veken
Translation from Dutch into Afrikaans by Antjie Krog
Illustrations by deur Marjorie van Heerden
LAPA Publishers (South Africa)
Published in 2012
paperback 137 x 212 mm (128 pages)

My naam is Marthe. En hierdie is die ware verhaal van my en my olifant.
Marthe is ’n Franse meisie wat saam met haar ouers en haar sussie in China bly. Vir haar agtste verjaardag kry sy ’n ongewone geskenk – ’n baba-olifant! Sy naam is Sam en kort voor lank is die twee van hulle onafskeidbaar. Sam bly in die tuin en hy hou daarvan om saam mark toe te gaan, waar hy self vir hom geskilde piesangs koop. Maar op ’n dag gebeur daar iets wat alles verander ...
Hierdie boek is gegrond op die ware verhaal van ’n meisie wat meer as ’n eeu gelede met haar olifant van China na Frankryk moes reis.
"Ek het destyds so vertaal-vertaal uit die Hollands vir my kleindogter Antjie gelees, en daar was iets “regtigs” omtrent die boek." -  Antjie Krog

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