Nina and Little Duck - 2008 M-Net/Via Afrika Literary Award Winner!

 Nina and Little Duck (Eng) ISBN 978-0-7981-4824-5  

Nina en Eendjie (Afr) ISBN 978-0-7981-4825-2  

Written by Wendy Hartmann and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden

Translated into Afrikaans by Johann van Heerden

 Human & Rousseau Publishers (SA) [Aug 2007]

Nina, Simon, and Mr and Mrs Rajah, together with their cat and dog, all live on a quaint little street where shops and houses are built right next door to each other. Mr and Mrs Rajah own a shop on this street. Their house is part of the shop. Next to it is an entrance to the garden where they store a few things. It is charming, just the kind of place a duck would love to make a nest.

Nina and Simon spend a lot of time playing close to Mr and Mrs Rajah’s house and shop. They often stop for a chat and sometimes go into the garden to play games. Little Duck also spends a lot of time in the street and around the shop. After a long search, she recently moved into the Rajah’s garden to raise her family.

And this is where the adventures of Little Duck and her ducklings, Max, Molly and Martin really start. The text is supported by humorous and charming rhymes and illustrations that warm the heart and tickle the tummy.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 64 pages Readership: Toddlers, Read aloud & New Readers

Award: The M.E.R Prize for best illustrated children’s book (South Africa) was awarded to Wendy Hartmann (author) and Marjorie van Heerden (illustrator) for Nina and Little Duck

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 Lulama’s Long Way Home (Eng) ISBN 978-1-920162-09-2 

Lulama se lang Pad Huis Toe (Afr) ISBN 978-1-920162-10-8 

Written & Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden 

Giraffe Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Publishers (SA) [Jun 2007] 

 Available in 12 languages (all official SA languages and Portuguese) 

“One day when Lulama was playing in the shallow waters of the river near her home, a fish eagle with very poor eyesight swooped down and scooped her out of the water...”

Where will the fish eagle take Lulama?

How is Lulamas going to find her way home?

Join Lulama on this exciting adventure as she meets a ticklish snake, a confused troop of baboons, a gullible lion and a host of other wonderful characters.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 32 pages; Readership: Read aloud & New Readers Publications can also be ordered from:

rated it  5 stars May 29, 2008 t was amazing. Recommends it for: creches and pre-schools, families. Lulama is scooped up by a near sighted fish eagle and dropped far from home. She asks several animals the way and has to use her wits to outsmart predators. Children learning to count will love being smarter than the foolish baboons. (They can practice their skills in the middle of the story.) Van Heerden's delightful illustrations are too much fun to be scary. Available in some African languages




San Tales from Africa
ISBN 9781-77007-226-8
Written by Raffaelle Delle Donne and Illustrations by Marjorie van Heerden
Struik Publishers (SA) [Jan 2007]

San Tales From Africa presents a variety of tales from the folklore of the San people. Although the author has drawn on traditional San tales, the main plots of the stories and most of the characters are original. Just over half the tales feature Kaggen, a little mantis who has the ability to change his appearance. He dominates the majority of the stories as he begins his quest to find the All-Devourer who has all but destroyed the world as the “First People” know it. The first people are animals and fantastic characters that talk and wear clothes.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 112 pages; Readership: Older children

The Adventures of Phepa and Itumelang (Eng)
ISBN 9781-77007-211-4

Die Avonture van Phepa en Itumelang (Afr)
ISBN: 9781-77007-423-1
Written by Mary Clanahan and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Struik Publishers (SA) [Oct 2006]

Phepa and Itumelang are twin baby elephants who discover some of the fascinating creatures that share their habitat, but they also come face to face with danger and learn about inter-herd relationships as they move across the veld. Mary Clanahan has a wonderful ability to combine a charming tale with factual information. The story is beautifully told with accurate descriptions of the various animals (a tortoise, a porcupine, a dung beetle, among others) and their behaviour. Humour and drama are interwoven to create a tale that will enchant and inform children, creating a subtle awareness of ecological issues. Accompanying the text are Marjorie van Heerden’s splendid illustrations, which are not only endearing and anatomically correct, but convey an uncanny interpretation of the characters.

Format (hard cover): 228mm x 210mm; 64 pages; Readership: Age:8-13


The Authentic, Unusual, Alarming, Actual, Factual, Story Book (Eng)
ISBN 0-7981-4693-1

Die Oorspronklike, Ongewoon
Skrikaan­jaende, Werklik Feitlike Storieboek (Afr)
ISBN 0-7981-4692-3
Written & Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Human & Rousseau Publishers(SA) [Nov 2006]

This fun collection is perfect for reading aloud and great for new readers. Quirky stories like that of Granny who loses her hat all the time and every time she does, it becomes someone’s nest, or a little girl who cannot sleep because of all the wild animals in her bedroom, will appeal to a child’s sense of imagination and wonder. Illustrations are boisterous and colourful and full of humour and movement.

Format (soft cover): 265mm x 215mm; 84 pages Readership: Read aloud & New Readers

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Folktales from Africa 

Written by Dianne Steward and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden

Republished March 2015 by Penguin Random House publishers (SA)  (Paperback) 

ISBN 9781432303556 (Paperback)

First Published by Struik Publishers (SA) [Apr 2007] 

 Aimed at children across the African continent (and around the world), this delightful collection of 20 folktales has been retold by Dianne Stewart for today’s youngsters. The stories originate from countries such as South Africa, Swaziland, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zanzibar amongst others.
Beautifully illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden, Folktales from Africa sustains the intrigue of storytelling that has been passed on from generation to generation. The extraordinary tales are not only interesting but also highly informative and educational.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 112 pages; Readership: Older children


Explorers 3: Yeti Comes to Town, A Chinese folk tale, [2007]
ISBN-10: 1405060123 (English)
adapted by Gill Munton and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Macmillian ELT , UK

A Chinese folk tale

Format (soft cover): : 242mm x 182mm; Readership: Ages 8-13

Monde’s Present

Written and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden (story by Alexia van Heerden)              originally published by Garamond (SA) 1997

AWARDS: For this book she received an honorary mention for the Katrine Harries Award for 1997/8.

Republished by Biblionef/Garamond in 2005 into some of South Africa’s official Languages Languages: Afrikaans, English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sesotho, Xitsonga

ISBN 1 86857 133 5

Baby Monde's present is a pushchair - but her brother makes it go to wroom like a racing car. There isn't much relaxation until patient Grandmother takes over and they go for a nice long slow walk. Bright, lively pictures give extra vigour to the simple adventures. Don't miss the playful cat and the scruffy dog! This story was “written” by Marjorie’s daughter when she was six years old

Format (Paperback): Picturebook; 32 pages Readership: Read aloud & Young Readers

From Biblionef Annual Report for 2005 - Publishing Monde’s Present with the support of NAC: The National Arts Council (NAC) funded the publication of 5,000 copies of the children’s book Monde’s Present, in five South African languages (Sesotho, SiSwati, Xitsonga, Tshivenda and Sepedi) because so few quality books for young children are available in these minority languages.

Uncle James and the Delicious Monster (Eng)
ISBN: 9780-624-04217-4

Oom Japie En Die Monsterplant
ISBN: 9780-624-04218-1
Written by Nick Paul and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Tafelberg Publishers (SA) [May 2005]

AWARD: Shortlisted as Illustrator for 2005 IBBY SA Vivian Wilkes Award 

Joshua couldn't sleep. What was that sound? It sounded like the rustle of leaves. It sounded like the creak of a pair of strong and green and skinny legs tiptoeing slowly down the corridor. On hot summer nights, Uncle James said, when the moon is full and everything is all silvery grey and spooky, the Delicious Monster gets hungry, and he stirs and wakes and goes looking for something to eat. Uncle James and the Delicious Monster is a wonderful story about family and closeness and imagination – and monsters – by a talented new writer.

Format (soft cover): 265mm x 200mm; 32 pages Readership: Read aloud & Young Readers

Review by Jay Heale (Feb 2006)

Uncle James and the Delicious Monster written by Nick Paul and illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden (Tafelberg, 2005)

This is great! The best read-aloud text I’ve met for a long time, full of rhythm and patterns and fun and frolic and Scary Bits. The weird storytelling of Uncle James suggests the night-time danger of a roaming Delicious Monster – and it’s Uncle James himself who has to be rescued by a no-nonsense young lady called Mary. The pictures play games with monster leaves and create real children as the heroes. This is stylish and enchanting and ready to be read through again and again with fresh giggles every time. 


Ek en My Monster (only available in Afr)
ISBN: 9780-7993-3317-6
Written by Leon de Villiers
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
LAPA Publishers (SA) [Nov 2004]

[My monster and I, A beginner’s manual
There are two main kinds of monsters: wild, untameable monsters and domestic monsters. Monster lovers (monnies) would obviously prefer to keep wild, untameable monsters, but unfortunately that is out of the question. Those monsters are so terrifyingly hideous and horrendous that nobody can even dare to go near them. People can, however, keep domestic monsters. In this book I shall tell you more about obtaining your own domestic monster and looking after it - hopefully with as few injuries as possible.]

Die boek bevat nuttige wenke oor die keuse van 'n monster, die voeding en higiëne van monsters, die beste blyplek vir jou monster en hoe om jou monster toertjies te leer.
Het jy byvoorbeeld geweet dat die Russiese Trippelboggel geleer kan word om tee te maak? Die middelste boggel het 'n opening wat wonderlik as teesif werk. Die Amsterdamse Huidkraker met sy kort, harde haartjies, kan weer redelik maklik as 'n besem opgelei word. Daar is geen beter deurstop as die Siriese Moep nie. Die Moep, wat net van dadelpitte leef, sal indien dit reg geleer is, langs 'n deur nesskrop en dan daar bly lê vir die res van sy lewe. Al wat die eienaars dan moet doen, is om so elke drie maande 'n handvol dadelpitte in die Moep se maagholte te druk, en 'n paar druppels olyfolie agter die gehoorgleuf te smeer. Geskik vir alle monsterliefhebbers van 9 tot 90.

Format (soft cover): 275mm x 210mm; 128 pages; Readership: Children 9 to 90

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