The Adventures of Phepa and Itumelang (Eng)
ISBN 9781-77007-211-4

Die Avonture van Phepa en Itumelang (Afr)
ISBN: 9781-77007-423-1
Written by Mary Clanahan and Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Struik Publishers (SA) [Oct 2006]

Phepa and Itumelang are twin baby elephants who discover some of the fascinating creatures that share their habitat, but they also come face to face with danger and learn about inter-herd relationships as they move across the veld. Mary Clanahan has a wonderful ability to combine a charming tale with factual information. The story is beautifully told with accurate descriptions of the various animals (a tortoise, a porcupine, a dung beetle, among others) and their behaviour. Humour and drama are interwoven to create a tale that will enchant and inform children, creating a subtle awareness of ecological issues. Accompanying the text are Marjorie van Heerden’s splendid illustrations, which are not only endearing and anatomically correct, but convey an uncanny interpretation of the characters.

Format (hard cover): 228mm x 210mm; 64 pages; Readership: Age:8-13


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