The Authentic, Unusual, Alarming, Actual, Factual, Story Book (Eng)
ISBN 0-7981-4693-1

Die Oorspronklike, Ongewoon
Skrikaan­jaende, Werklik Feitlike Storieboek (Afr)
ISBN 0-7981-4692-3
Written & Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Human & Rousseau Publishers(SA) [Nov 2006]

This fun collection is perfect for reading aloud and great for new readers. Quirky stories like that of Granny who loses her hat all the time and every time she does, it becomes someone’s nest, or a little girl who cannot sleep because of all the wild animals in her bedroom, will appeal to a child’s sense of imagination and wonder. Illustrations are boisterous and colourful and full of humour and movement.

Format (soft cover): 265mm x 215mm; 84 pages Readership: Read aloud & New Readers

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