The Zebra and the Baboon (English translation)
Written by Thomas A Nevin and illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Also translated into
(Afrikaans) Sebra en die Bobbejaan; (Xhosa translation) Iqwarhashe Nemfene; (Zulu translation) Idube Nemfene; (Sesotho translation) Qwaha Le Tshwene
Garamond Publishers (South Africa) [1996]

Long, long ago at the beginning of time when the earth was still young, many of the animals looked very different to how we know them today. The zebra was as white as the snow on top of the mountains. There is drought in the land and the baboon does not want any of the other animals to drink from his waterhole so zebra and the baboon fight. As the zebra came nearer to the flames he tripped on the stones and fell on his back onto the sticks of the fire. He screamed in agony as the burning sticks branded his pure white hide with black stripes. Jumping up in rage and pain he kicked the baboon so hard that all the hair fell off his backside. And that is why today the zebra has stripes and the baboon has a backside bald and pink. Strong and powerful oil-pastels illustrations and a clear white text on a black background combine to make this tale from Venda highly attractive. (Intermediate) (GE 3-5 / GA 4-5 / GX 4-5)

Format (Hard cover): 32 pages; Readership: Read aloud & older Readers

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