Lulama’s Long Way Home (Eng) ISBN 978-1-920162-09-2 

Lulama se lang Pad Huis Toe (Afr) ISBN 978-1-920162-10-8 

Written & Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden 

Giraffe Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Publishers (SA) [Jun 2007] 

 Available in 12 languages (all official SA languages and Portuguese) 

“One day when Lulama was playing in the shallow waters of the river near her home, a fish eagle with very poor eyesight swooped down and scooped her out of the water...”

Where will the fish eagle take Lulama?

How is Lulamas going to find her way home?

Join Lulama on this exciting adventure as she meets a ticklish snake, a confused troop of baboons, a gullible lion and a host of other wonderful characters.

Format (soft cover): 280mm x 215mm; 32 pages; Readership: Read aloud & New Readers Publications can also be ordered from:

rated it  5 stars May 29, 2008 t was amazing. Recommends it for: creches and pre-schools, families. Lulama is scooped up by a near sighted fish eagle and dropped far from home. She asks several animals the way and has to use her wits to outsmart predators. Children learning to count will love being smarter than the foolish baboons. (They can practice their skills in the middle of the story.) Van Heerden's delightful illustrations are too much fun to be scary. Available in some African languages




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