The Lion Tamer's Assistant
Written by Solet Scheeres, Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
ISBN 9781776353477
Format Paperback
Recommended Price R170.00
Published by Penguin Children's Fiction - .April 2022
About the book: 
The English addition of Die Leeutemmer se Assitent (Afr.) published in 2017.
Nothing exciting ever happens in the town of Kraaipan. Especially not to Martjie, who lives on a farm nearby.
But when Bertus Botha dares Martjie to climb on the Mafikeng train and peep inside one of the crates to see what’s inside, it’s the beginning of a huge adventure. Martjie ends up in one of the carriages – with a circus lion! Soon, she gets to know the circus owners, Mister and Madam Pagel, and the other performers at the famous Pagel’s Circus. Mister Pagel is the world’s strongest man and sticks his head inside the lion’s jaws during every performance. Madame Pagel drives to the bank with a lion sitting next to her in the car.
 And plain old Martjie knows her life will never be the same again.
This exciting novel is loosely based on the history of the Pagel Circus, which was known in every South African city and town in the previous century. A wonderful story full of action, adventure ... and the timeless magic of circus life.
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Die Wandelende Geraamte en Ander Spookstories
van C.J. Langenhoven
Saamgestel en verwerk deur Wendy Maartens
Met illustrasies deur Marjorie van Heerden
(Ghost stories of C.J. Langehhoven - published in Afrikaans)

Protea Books  March 2022; ISBN – 978-1-4853-1177-5

C.J. Langenhoven skryf: "Ek was mal oor spoke. Eintlik was ek ’n soort spook-wetenskaplike. Oral waar ek gekom het, het ek spookstories bymekaar gemaak. En nou is ek self ’n spook… kan ’n mens so gelukkig wees?"

Wendy Maartens skryf:  "Terwyl ek aan die bundel gewerk het, het ek my soms verbeel Langenhoven sit in die blou leunstoel langs my boekrak. As hy tevrede was met waarmee ek op daardie tydstip besig was, was daar die gemeenskaplike stilte wat baie woorde op papier soms tussen twee mense bring en … nou en dan, die geur van ’n pyp wat aangesteek word. As ek drooggemaak het, het die duiwe op die dak baklei, die weerhaan in die skoorsteen af gekreun, die bure se honde onophoudelik geblaf, ’n swaar voertuig die vensters laat ratel, of die een onderbreking na die ander my bloots gery."

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Tales from Hoop ‘n’ Holler
Book Five: The Time Machine
(the last book in the series)
Written by Jim Henry with Jimmy Patterson
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Willy Nilly Stories LLC;
Published in January 2022
Hardcover ISBN – 978-1-939368-32-4; Paperback ISBN – 978-1-939368-33-1

Willy Nilly and Hopper are best friends and adventurers with a knack for getting into tight squeezes and out of sticky situations, and always, always doing the right thing.

“Where are we?” Hopper asked.

 “I think it’s more like WHEN are we?” Willy Nilly answered.

When Willy Nilly and Hopper are given a magical watch that makes it possible for them to travel through time, they can’t begin to imagine that they will discover a threat to Hoop ’n’ Holler’s very existence. They know they must do something to prevent disaster, but will time travel be enough to save the town they live in and love?

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Tales from Hoop ‘n’ Holler
Book Four: The Rabbit Princess
Written by Jim Henry with Jimmy Patterson
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Willy Nilly Stories LLC;  published in January 2021
Available in Hardback & Paperback.
ISBN – 978-1-939368-28-7

When a beautiful rabbit princess lands her glittering airship in Hoop ’n’ Holler, she asks Willy Nilly and Hopper for their help. Hopper is smitten and agrees immediately, but Willy Nilly worries that she’s not totally honest. Who is right? And will they find out in time to save her kingdom?

Perfect as a Read Aloud book. Appropriate for 2 - 4th grade reading levels.

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Jump the Moon
Written by Kathy Simmers
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Published by Bound to Happen Publishers USA (2020)

Available in Hardback & Paperback.
ISBN – 978-1-7353511-0-0 

Ponies were always coming and going at the barn, that was nothing new, but as summer begins the girl with the long blonde hair notices something about the newest pony to arrive that she can’t quite put her finger on.

This pony is ordinary, ugly even and on top of that, she is mean. But the girl doesn’t seem to care, she is drawn to her and determined to earn the pony’s trust.

Over the course of the summer, the pair develop an incredible bond. But, tragically, as summer ends the two are separated. Readers will eagerly turn the pages to find out if the girl and the pony will ever see each other again.

The beautiful illustrations throughout this picture book bring to life an emotional journey that will make readers of all ages cry, smile, and cheer as it reminds us all to follow our dreams.


· Golden Medal award winner - 2021 Mom’s Choice Awards® category: Children's Picture Books - an award from entries all over the world.

· Golden Medal award winner - category: 2021 The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book (Children's/Young Adult).

· Received three 2020 Story Monsters Approved winners awards (in these categories)        * First-Time Author (all ages) winner; * Picture books (Ages 3-8) Fiction winner; * Illustrations/Photography/Artwork winner

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