Chloe’s Granny
ISBN-10: 0-7981-3487-9
Written by Michelle Holloway and illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Naomi se Ouma (Afrikaans translation)
Human & Rousseau (South Africa) [1995]

Chloe's granny doesn't have time for beauty parlours and she doesn't wear smart clothes. She is too busy, in her junk shop, fixing old things. She has bought herself a pair of brand new green tackies and dashes about on her mountain bike. And while other grannies are having parties or attend social gatherings, Chloe's granny sails down the Nile and rides on a camel! This delightful granny will steal the hearts of many a young child. The hilarious illustrations depict her perfectly.
Stapled soft-cover. (EM B-2/ AM 1-2) (GE 2-4 / GA 3-4)
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