Tales from Hoop ‘n’ Holler
Book Three: Sly-Fox  Stew

Written by Jim Henry with Jimmy Patterson
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Willy Nilly Stories LLC; published in 2020 Available in Hardback & Paperback.
ISBN – 978-1-939368-26-3 (HB)

When Willy Nilly and Hopper discover that Bailey Bunny has disappeared, they’re worried because Sly-Fox has been after him for a long time. The friends think they know where to find the young bunny. But will they get there in time? And if they do, will they be able to outfox the wiliest fox in Choco?

Perfect as a Read Aloud book. Appropriate for 2 - 4th grade reading levels.
In paperback or hardcover.

Series: Tales From Hoop 'n' Holler 

To buy this book, go to: https://willynillystories.com/collections/book-series-tales-from-hoop-n-holler/products/book-three-sly-fox-stew

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