The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper:
Book Three – Stella Star

Written by Jim Henry with Jimmy Patterson
Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939368065
ISBN-13: 978-1939368065
Willy Nilly Stories LLC;  (December 3, 2016)

 When Thumper wishes on a star and that wish comes true, he and Willy Nilly make an exciting new friend named Stella but soon realize that she belongs in the sky. All three of them have to use their wits to get her home before nightfall. But can they outsmart a wicked witch who wants to stop them?

Award: Winner of the 2018 Reader Views Readers Choice Award.

Perfect as a Read Aloud book. Appropriate for 2nd - 4th grade reading levels.Available in paperback or hardcover.

Series: The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper

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